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“Another World” Special Edition DVD with extra content – PAL
Food ReLOVution: What we eat can make a difference” Special Edition DVD with extra content – English subtitles – PAL
DVD “Pachamama: A Manifesto for Mother Earth” – English subtitles – PAL

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> DVD “Another World” Special Edition DVD with extra content – PAL

  • Length: 63 minutes + extra content
  • Original audio in: Italian, Spanish, English and Japanese
  • with Subtitles in: English
  • Production: Italy, 2014
  • Format : DVD, PAL*

With: Gregg Braden, Masaru Emoto, Vittorio Marchi, Igor Sibaldi, Massimo Citro, Emilio del Giudice, Enzo Braschi, Giorgio Cerquetti, Massimo Corbucci, Rainbow Eagle, Antonio Giacchetti, Nitamo Montecucco, Subcoyote Alberto Ruz Buenfil, Don Luis Nah, Westin Luke Penuma

> DVD “Food ReLOVution” Special Edition – PAL

Food ReLOVution: What we eat can make a difference”

  • Length: 85 minutes + 30 minutes extra content (Bonus interviews with leading experts from the film)
  • Original audio in: English and Italian with Subtitles in English.
  • Extra content in original language (English)
  • Production: Italy, 2017
  • Format : DVD, PAL
  • License: DVD for private use only

With: Franco Berrino,T. Colin Campbell, Thomas M. Campbell, Marilù Mengoni, Noam Mohr, Frances Moore Lappé, Carlo Petrini, Vandana Shiva, Peter Singer and James Wildman


> DVD “Pachamama: A Manifesto for Mother Earth”- PAL

This documentary was made to support Alberto Ruz Buenfil’s campaign to create a Charter for the Rights of Mother Earth.
All images and interviews come from an archive of unused footage shot for Thomas Torelli’s previous film “Another World”.

  • Lenght: 56 minutes• Original language: Italian, Spanish and English
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish
  • Production: Italy, 2016
  • Format : DVD, PAL
  • License: DVD for private home use only

With: Coyote Alberto Ruz Buenfil, Enzo Braschi, Antonio Giacchetti, Vittorio Marchi, Don Luis Nah, Westin Luke Penuma and Igor Sibaldi



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